Thetahealing® Seminars

Contemplating-in-the-gardenThetaHealing® is a fast and effective technique, which is very powerful, loving and taps into a level of be-ing beyond time and space. It can assist you to rapidly change the way you think and feel.

It is very empowering and can make changes very quickly to our core beliefs, our genetic level, past life and soul level beliefs. In changing these beliefs, it can have a very positive effect physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is possible to bring back balance  and harmony into our lives, helping us to aim for and achieve our highest potential.

Theta Healing looks for underlying causes such as belief systems, genetic defects, suppressed emotions, fears or traumas that cause blockages to the natural functioning of a person. These blocks limit the flow of our infinite spiritual energy.

Understanding the blocks

Often we have blocks and think that the path ahead is too difficult. Perhaps we want to be a writer, actor, journalist or healer but when we start to achieve, we come face to face with  blocks that seem insurmountable. Maybe in past lives we have been punished or even sent to our death for being a healer or a writer. Possibly we have taken vows of poverty or been penalized when we were successful.

Through Theta Healing we can identify those blocks, connect to the highest source – the Creator – and release these subconscious core beliefs and blocks on all four levels (core, genetic, past life and soul).

Every close relationship we have had – whether it is with a partner, spouse, parent, child or sibling – leads to us losing soul fragments. We acquire hooks and cords that can bind us to unhealthy or dysfunctional relationships. It is possible to retrieve our soul fragments and gain a greater sense of self. We can release the hooks and cords which bind us to previously unhealthy relationships and habits which have persisted over time.

Activation of silent DNA strands

One of the exciting gifts of this modality is the activation of the silent 10 DNA strands which raises us to a 12 strand DNA being. The Youth and Vitality gene is also activated. This helps to retard or even reverse the aging process of the physical body. We also have belief systems related to aging and to lifestyle which can be changed to enhance this process.

By working with a ThetaHealing® practitioner you can bring clarity, energy and focus to your goals and desires and change programmes that you feel are holding you back from achieving your greatest potential.

When you clear beliefs and fears about “lack” or “unworthiness” you can manifest abundance in your life.

You need to be ready and willing to free yourself from those things operating in your life that no longer serve you. Look forward to a wonderful, positive future following the path  you choose, free from past conditioning. Live as your highest true self and be fully present in each moment. Allow yourself to be the loving, compassionate and powerful being that you truly are.

The Theta Healing technique is powerful and quickly takes the practitioner and client to theta level of brainwave activity – a very deep state of relaxation. Theta Healing enhances and complements all other healing modalities.

My learning history

I am privileged to have attended courses to learn from Vianna Stibal – the originator of Theta Healing. She has trained many teachers and practitioners around the world and is  committed to spreading this healing modality worldwide. It is continually being developed as Vianna works with thousands of clients. Her journey began when she was shown how to heal her own cancer in 1995.

Over recent years I have travelled to the USA to Vianna Stibal’s hometown several times to advance my ThetaHealing® skills and knowledge, culminating in 2009 in completing the highest levels possible. And now I am both the ThetaHealing® Master and at the time of  writing the only ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science® in South Australia.

Vital Harmony Thetahealing® seminars

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