Peaceful-View-from-HouseBy the end of the course I felt so much more focused on what I needed to do and belief that I can do it! Susanne is a wonderful teacher who has a fabulous ability to  draw out the best in her students.
S.H. Kensington

“Thank you Susanne Marie for inviting me to participate in the DNA2 . You knew I so needed it. At last we were able to reach some of the deepest blockages that have all but brought my progress to a halt. I have made some amazing breakthroughs and look forward to attending further courses that will help me on my own journey. 
Love & Light Anna F

(Advanced DNA) “Thank you Susanne for a good 3 days of learning. I have felt a spiritual transformation and deeper understanding of the Creator on this course. I hope to progress to another level in this life. I love to hear other people’s  experiences of healing and psychic things as well. The classes were all very special  with other healers and people. I can’t get enough of this spiritual transformation. I love to hear real life experiences of the freaky things that happen in people’s lives”!
Malcolm x0x0x0x0 Keep up the good work!

I found that it was a wonderful safe learning and growing experience. It helped me  learn more about myself and helped me focus and understand what it is I want to do with my life. It was excellent as it opened my eyes to a wider and most magical world. It was great having a chat and doing a healing on a plant!

Dear Susanne, This weekend’s journey was absolutely a gift from God (Creator of all that is). I really enjoy the challenges and to overcome many lifetimes of beliefs that I used to have. You have done a wonderful job in your teachings with unconditional love, compassion and great confirmations that I needed to have. I found digging to be one of the most intense processes of this journey. I also found the activating of DNA Youth and Ageing to be a fulfilling experience”.  Thank you again (earth angel),
Love & light J Renee

I feel fantastic about the course. I have been waiting for this all of my lifetime. From my first course, I have changed and feel more certain of my connection to Creator. I am able to identify patterns that are self destructive and to replace them with new and healing patterns. THANK YOU!

Dear Sue, What a great course! No question! Great Love! FANTASTIC! Wonderful!

The Advanced Course is absolutely necessary in the further development of becoming a confident Theta Practitioner.  I feel a much stronger connection to the Creator and therefore have a stronger belief in the information I am being sent. Susanne always manages to create a very warm and loving environment to nurture everybody’s personal growth. I am truly grateful for being given the avenue to work with such an intuitive teacher.  Thankyou – Truly brilliant courses!

If you ever feel there is something missing in your life or you need to know how to get on the right track and move forward, this is it! It has all the answers you will ever need to be real!
Deb J

Doing the Theta courses was seen as an amazing journey. It has helped me understand powerful effects it has on my life and those around me. I feel privileged to be able to help people around me understand what Theta is, and what it can do for us. It has changed the way I think about the future, and I am calmer and happier. I am a better person for myself and those around me!
Carolyn P

“I experienced some things that I would not otherwise have, and realised how empowering Theta can be. Susanne has an amazing way to communicate techniques with anecdotal illustration that is non-threatening and accepting. The content was illuminating and has given me the encouragement to continue down this path for the betterment of myself.

Dearest Sue, Thank you so very much for the experience with Theta. This is a growth that has been greatly received with an open heart and arms. This has opened doors to show doubt, lack of trust and lack of faith that have been denied by myself. Thank you for the journey in this life time that has been chosen for you to share with me, the guidance, love, support and help to find trust and faith in myself. My most sincere heartfelt thanks
Love Robyn

Thoroughly enjoyed the learning and being challenged. The environment was very supportive and thought the size of the class was perfect. While I felt challenged, I did not feel uncomfortable. I progressed and achieved so much. Thank you so much for your time, patience and hospitality. 

Doing the Advanced Theta Healing has been a fantastic experience. After the Basic workshop many changes occurred in my life, to the point where I became overwhelmed and off balance. The Advanced workshop brought me back into the now and full of confidence as to  what path I am on and how to achieve my full potential. Heartfelt love and light to all. 
Chris S