About Susanne

In-the-Healing-RoomFrom the time I was a small child I have memories of experiences that were not always explicable in a conventional way. I always knew that my great-Grandmother Elizabeth was with me, protecting and guiding me. I remember vivid out-of-body experiences, such as soaring high over the almond trees in our garden and looking down on myself below.

Throughout my school life there were many instances in which I was aware that I could “see” and “hear” things around me that my friends were unaware of. However, there were many lessons in life that I needed to learn before I could begin to live my true life purpose. I can remember hearing, in my head, time after time: “You have to help to lead people into the new way of being”. I did not understand, at the time, what that meant.

As an adult, I was attracted to divination techniques such as Palmistry, Numerology and the IChing. I became quite proficient at these readings, but worked with them only as a side-line.

I remember feeling encouraged when told by my mother that my great-grandmother had been a very successful reader, and that I was much like her. I married, started a family and became absorbed in the material world. My spiritual development was put on hold.

I sensed there was more

Over a career spanning 45 years as a teacher, an educational publisher consultant and working with State and Federal government sectors, I knew that there was more I could give.

In 2001, I was lead to Ireland where I confirmed a past life connection with my husband.

It was during this time that a catalyst began creating the need for a sudden and dramatic return to my spiritual path. My life was about to change.

On my return home, I began studying a range of massage therapies, which led to two Diplomas:

  • one in Health Sciences (Remedial Therapies),
  • the other in Oriental Massage.

I refreshed my Reiki skills.

Following this, ThetaHealing® entered my life.

My engagement with ThetaHealing®

After completing the Basic DNA 1 & 2 seminar, I offered my clients private consultations in Theta Healing. I soon realized the amazing power of this modality. I wanted to learn more. It was while I was in Queensland doing my advanced course that I met the founder of ThetaHealing®, Vianna Stibal. It did not take me long to realise that teaching ThetaHealing® was the next step on my journey. I travelled to the USA to begin my teacher training.

Over recent years I have travelled to the USA to Vianna Stibal’s hometown several times to advance my ThetaHealing® skills and knowledge, culminating in 2009 in completing the highest levels possible, in achieving both the ThetaHealing® Master and the ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science®.

Since then I have been teaching all of the courses offered in ThetaHealing®, both in Australia and in a number of other countries.

Theta Healing is the key that confirmed to me my true soul purpose

It is through Theta Healing that I am able to “lead people into the new way of being”. I am seeing many clients each week whose lives are being transformed by Theta Healing. I also have a number of clients in other States of Australia and overseas who call regularly for Skype or telephone consultations.

In line with my chosen pathway embracing unconditional love, I also became a Civil Marriage Celebrant.

Susanne Marie’s qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Teaching (Prim),
  • Diploma in Health Sciences(Remedial Massage Therapies)
  • Diploma in Oriental Massage.
  • Thetahealing® Certificate of Science
  • Thetahealing Master®.
  • Civil Marriage Celebrant
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Palmistry
  • Numerology

Contact me to arrange a time for either a personal, Skype or telephone consultation and to see how ThetaHealing® can make a difference in your life. Gift vouchers are always available for any service.

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